Faster and Secure Payments By Tron (TRX) Based Seedit

Faster and Secure Payments By Tron (TRX) Based Seedit

Seedit and Tron Foundation announced their tie-up on 9th August. Seedit is a cryptocurrency payment system based on the Tron network. As per Justin Sun, this will additionally help Tron to provide an added push to the development juggernaut that the company has been on.

The announcement made by Seedit states that they seek to give users a much quicker and easier payment platform which will smartly use the functionalities and Application Programming Interfaces of Tron. Seedit has mentioned that the primary reason for the payment system being run on Tron is its ultralight blockchain technology.

Tron network is known to use the existing libraries with the advantage of being less buggy compared to other networks as proven by the testing previously. Exodus was the first phase of the Tron’s development which confines all the establishment projects and designs. Odyssey is the second phase of the Tron development which enabled Tron to upgraded their blockchain technology enabling companies like Seedit to function. As per the company, Great Voyage will be the name of the third phase of  developments, a project which will be done on a large scale aiming to provide the back to individual content creators

TRX or any other token to people who are using social media platforms like Reddit, Telegram, and Kakau can be given by Seedit. This will help in creating a safe and user-friendly payment ecosystem for users to manage their own transaction. Seedit’s reason for creating an auto-generated wallet, whenever a user transfers a token from point A to point B is because user functionality is key to them.

The company mentions that safety is of maximum priority and hence, focused on creating foolproof private keys that are focused to keep the user’s data secure. Seedit has managed to create a better-connected network by enabling users to link their new wallets to their own personal digital wallets.