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ETC – Divide 34 times account

It may be crazy if I speak like this, and there will be a lot of people who will oppose me violently with this article. You guys are too fond of ETC.

As my previous post on ETC, I wrote ETC will be about $ 7 even lower, and currently ETC is traveling on this price range.

With the BTC chart, let’s analyze a little:

ETC ended the midterm correction cycle at 296764 sts. End of this cycle begins the long term downtrend trend of ETC.

The reversal point should be confirmed at 153553 sts, if this support level is not broken, please feel free to delete this article, otherwise read the next paragraph nhé:

The [iii] area we measured was 64502 sts, this is a fairly good EP, we need to set a maximum of 5% for this area:

EP: 64500

It should be noted that in area 109000 there will be a small wave area with a target of 50% to 150000 sts for confirm downtrend in long-term.

Target price is confirmed at 152000 sts or lower

TG: 150000

At the end of this trading session, we expect a record low of 9100 STS. The exact price will be confirmed when the short order is over.

* All orders need to set SL
* Price targets will be updated in detail in short newsletters
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